Pause, Listen and Reflect

Everyone must read this.

Reconciling Within

There comes a time in everybody’s life when we must sit down pause, listen and reflect.  Gawsh to think I’ll allow the world to pass me by in a second or even a minute. It kind of reminds me of a music video I once watched where the person was sitting in a chair and everything was moving around them, I don’t think it was a music video I think it was part of the Twilight series, Eclipse or New Moon. Yep, when Edward leaves Bella and Bella sat in her chair in her room.  Well it was the most boring part of the movie! And no I’m not talking about allowing the world pass by in that overly dramatic sense. Or am I? HAHA Well, I guess I could compare it to that scene… in a way.

For so long I’ve lived by my motto, my code the being…

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